Welcome to PackSlack™

FINALLY! Welcome to PackSlack™, a virtual storefront managed by a cabal of counter-culture creatives! Inspired (and encouraged) by the legendary Church of the SubGenius, PackSlack™ is a collaborative effort between multiple content creators, designers and manufacturers like Hypercube Labs, Triology Soaps and, FreeThinkRadio.

This website was designed to minimize the incessant prattle of middle-men and third-party gateways so we can sell directly to you! YES, the products you see here are REAL and AVAILABLE world-wide exclusively through us. We aim to be the best commercial hub for SubGeniuses and related-projects with as little conspiracy interference as possible.

Your purchases will go directly to the artists involved, with no ridiculous surcharges or back-end fees that end up costing both the customer and the creators their hard-earned money.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope to do business NOW!