Welcome to Dobbs.Town


Collaborative project by Rev. Negative and the members of Dobbs.Town


Welcome to Dobbs.Town
Rev. Richard Negative

Track Listing:

  1. Intro (feat. THE UBERSCIENTIST) [0:44]
  2. Wring Out Your Head (feat. justjohn) [2:31]
  3. Praise “Bob” (feat. Rev. High Priestess Pouchi) [4:13]
  4. Drip Slowly And Repent (feat. Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite) [3:24]
  5. “Bob” “Bob” “Bob” (feat. Psuedo-Novalis) [2:32]
  6. Philo’s Corner Cure (feat. Dr Philo Drummond) [3:21]
  7. Sundaze (feat. Rev. Richard Negative & THE UBERSCIENTIST) [4:07]

Total Runtime: 20:55


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